Saturday, August 12, 2017

Swiss charge Ethiopian imam with inciting violence| Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

ZURICH: Swiss prosecutors have charged an Ethiopian imam with inciting violence and other offences, they said on Friday, alleging he called in a mosque sermon for followers to kill Muslims who did not pray in the community.
The step by prosecutors in the northern town of Winterthur comes amid heightened sensitivity to the risk of Islamist violence in Switzerland, whose spy agency warned about the threat in May.
Prosecutors did not name the imam, one of four people they said were linked to the local An’Nur mosque and who have been under investigation since November on suspicion of inciting criminal or violent acts.
“In his homily of Oct. 21, 2016, in the An’Nur Mosque, he is accused among other things of calling for expelling Muslims who do not pray in the community, and even burning them and killing them in their homes if they still refuse,” the prosecutors said in a statement.
He was also accused of sharing brutal depictions of killings via Facebook and of working as an imam without authorisation.
Prosecutors are seeking an 18-month suspended sentence and expulsion from Switzerland for 15 years for the cleric, who has been held in investigative custody since November.
Efforts to reach the mosque were not immediately successful. A number listed for the An’Nur cultural association that runs the mosque was no longer in service.
Swiss federal authorities say they have identified more than 500 internet users with Swiss connections who were using social media to spread jihadist ideas.
Concerns about militancy and potential attacks led Swiss voters to back a law last year extending the national spy service’s authority to monitor internet traffic, deploy drones and hack foreign computer systems.
Switzerland has so far not been targeted directly in an Islamist attack, but it has had several links to attacks elsewhere in Europe last year. - Reuters

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1 Dead, 11 Injured After Hand Grenade is Thrown Into Hotel IN Gondar Ethiopia

One person died, and 11 others sustained injuries after a hand grenade was thrown into a hotel located in Gondar, a city in Ethiopia’s Amhara region.
The grenade was thrown into a hotel named Entasol, Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported. The injured have since been transported to the Gondar Referral Hospital where they are receiving treatment.
Authorities have not commented on why the hotel was targeted and the possible motivation for the crime. Police are currently looking for the suspects.
Ethiopia’s is currently under a six-month long state of emergency, which was imposed in October in response to widespread anti-government protests.
The Amhara region, home to Ethiopia’s second largest ethnic group, was one of the hot spots in the violent anti-government protests that rocked the East African country last year.
The protests began in the Oromia region, home to Ethiopia largest ethnic group, in 2015 over a now cancelled government land expansion policy.
In August, thousands took to the streets of Gondar to protest against a government decision to place an Amhara district under the administrative jurisdiction of Tigray, a neighbouring region.
The protests over the Welkait community being placed under the Tigray region turned violent and led the U.S. government to issue a temporary travel ban on Gondar.
Human Right Watch has reported that over 500 people were killed in the demonstrations that engulfed Ethiopia. Thousands have been imprisoned in the government’s attempt to quell the unrest.
In December, over 9,000 suspects arrested under the state of emergency were released after receiving rehabilitation. However, more than 2,000 suspects will reportedly face charges.
On Tuesday, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said the government would only lift the state of emergency after “consolidating gains” it has made following the deadly unrest.
“As far as the date of lifting the state of emergency is concerned, it should be seen in the perspectives that we have to consolidate the gains that we have made so far,” Prime Minister Desalegn said.